Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Đậu Rồng Xào Tỏi

Sauteed Winged Bean with Garlic


bo`n said...

mmmm... la^`n sau bie^'t mi`nh xin xo? ddo^` gi` tu+` Dallas ro^`i ;)

kiki said...

Hehehe ... Con ga'i ba'c V. cho+? chi. ddi "Cho+. Vu+o+`n" (Garden Market) cu?a ngu+o+`i Mie^n mua vui la('m. Mi`nh va`o vu+o+`n mua ca'i gi` cu~ng non xanh mo+n mo+?n. Chi. mua ve^` qua(ng tu? la.nh no' he'o bo+'t chu+' ho^m mo+'i mua nhi`n muo^'n ca('n. He` sang na(m chi. da(.n ho. dde^? da`nh hoa mu+o+'p cho chi..

ibotombi said...

Again, the wing bean is another vegetable item in Manipur. We chop this (cross-sectional) into thin slices, and mix with steam fermented-fish and boiled chillies.