Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cải Tây Hầm Tỏi

Stewed Turnip Green

1 turnip green bunch
2 cloves garlic
1/2 cup chicken broth or water
1/2 T vegetable oil
1 dried banga mary fish

1) Wash and cut turnip green (2-3 inches). Separate stems and leave.
2) Thinly slice garlic (or crush, mince, any way you want) then put into a pot with chicken broth (or water, I used water) and vegetable oil (you can also skip this). Bring to a boil over medium high heat.
3) Add turnip green stems in to cook (partially cover) for a few minutes. Add leave and cook, turn to cook them evently. When turnip is tender, season them with salt and pepper.
4) Pan fry dried banga mary fish (or any dried fish you have in your pantry) while cooking the turnip green. Cool off, remove bones, shred the meat by hand and serve with stewed turnip green.


bo`n said...

a(n ddu+o+.c kho^ng chi. ?
rau chi. na^'u va^.y la` co`n non, em ha^`m cho no' tha`nh ma`u yellow luo^n, kho?i nhai

bo`n said...

em nghi~ la^`n sau chi. cho Ms Mary uo^'ng su+~a qua dde^m thi` Ms Mary se~ di.u da`ng ho+n

kiki said...

A(n ngon va` bu`i la('m. Everyone loves it. Ai cu~ng ga('p ne^n ca'i bo' ca?i bu+. to^? bo^' chi. tu+o+?ng a(n kho^ng he^'t bay ca'i ve`o. Chi. bie^'t chi. ha^`m non ddo' nhu+ng chi. co' ca'i co^' ta^.t kho^ng hie^?u la` do a(n lu'c nho? hay o+? dda^u ra la` a(n rau pha?i xanh, cho du` co' nh~ loa.i rau ha^`m me^`m ngon ho+n. Bie^'t va^.y nhu+ng cha(?ng co' ddu? can dda?m dde^? rau ddo^?i ma`u. DDe^? ho^m na`o du~ng ca?m 1 la^`n.
Haha'i vu. Ms Mary ta('m su+~a ... tha^.t a` ? Na`ng kho^ng bu.c bu+~a sao? Tha^.t ra chi. thi` thi'ch kho^ dai gio`n nhu+ va^.y ddo' nhu+ng me^`m ho+n thi` se~ dda('t ha`ng vi` chi? co' chi. la` ga('p na`ng last night.