Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ghẹ Rang Muối Ớt

Dry Fried Spicy Blue Crab

10 live blue crabs
1 T spicy seasoning
3 shallots, thinly sliced
2 garlic, finely chopped
Butter, oil

Spicy seasoning:
1 part sea salt+ 2 parts minced fresh garlic + 1 part fresh ground black pepper+ 1/2 part paprika+ 1/6 part of dried hot chilli pepper (or depend on how much spicy you can handle).

Prepare the crabs:
Place crab on a large cutting board, belly side up. If it's alive (and it should be), kill it by placing the pointy end of a knife through its belly (right below the apron). Remove the apron. Turn over and pry off the top shell by holding the body in one hand and pulling the top shell right at the rear with the other hand. Make sure you do it gently, not to break off the legs. Pull off the gills at the front of the crab, twist off the mouth parts, rinse over running water. Scoop out the crab butter from the shell and set aside. Cut crab in half.

Heat up some oil and butter in a large wok, add crab and stir to fry, add spicy seasoning, cover to cook evenly, stir occationally and continue to fry until the juice dry up. Meanwhile, use a small sauce pan to heat up some butter and add shallot and garlic in to cook until golden brown, add crab butter in and cook until thicken (1-2 minutes). Pour that fragant butter over the crabs. Stir to coat evenly.


bo`n said...

u?a gie^'t cua sao sexy the^' na`y ?? tu+. du+ng gie^'t no' ma` mi`nh pha?i lo^.t ddo^` ra, la. ! :-D

kiki said...

Hahah ... lột đồ để stun nó khỏi lo bị kẹp :P