Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Củ Ấu Luộc

Boiled Black Horn Nut

Black Horn Nut, Bat Nut, Devil Pod, Buffalo Nut is the seed pod of an Oriental aquatic plant. They are toxic if uncooked but they are delicous (edible, of course) when cooked with rice and vegetable. I love to eat them boiled just like roasted chestnut. They taste like chestnut but have more texture. An average nut is about 3 inches long.

Cover them in water and some salt, bring to a boil and simmer for 25-30 minutes.

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tl said...

mi`nh pha?i luo^.c cu? a^'u bao la^u dde^? no' tro`n ha? kiki? ...u?a, lo^.n ... bao la^u thi` no' chi'n :-)

kiki said...

Na^'u nu+?a tie^'ng thi` tro`n ddo' tl :) Ma` cu? a^'u be^n na`y sao i't thi.t qua'. Be^n tl co' cu? a^'u ha??

kiki said...

bv a`, ca'i so+.i tua tu?a nhi`n nhu+ cha^n re^'t hay ra^u kie^'n la` ...lo^ng ma(ng :) cu?a cu? a^'u ddo'. Chi. kho^ng co' la(.t ra vi` o+? ngoa`i nhi`n kho^ng tua tu?a nhu+ trong hi`nh. DDe^? va^.y cho cu? a^'u ...exotic :)

tl said...

tl không biết bên tl có củ ấu hay không, sẽ để ý tìm thử. Nhìn cái hình kiki chụp thấy hấp dẫn, lại nghe nói ăn giống roasted chestnut là khoái rồi. Nấu nữa tiếng củ ấu tròn, would it take 30 minutes to love someone? :-)

kiki said...

tl: Tro+`i! Bo^` ho?i kho' mi`nh thie^.t. Ca^u na`y cho mi`nh thua ddi. Chi.u!

Bleach Ichigo said...

Oh my gossh!
This is really the first time I saw a nut like that : Horn Nut! I saw it in the grocery this morning so I google'd it.

Freaky taste nut, is it?