Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bò Bía

Vietnamese Pohpiah

1 fresh Chinese sausage, pan seared and cut into thin strips
1 large egg
1 medium jicama, peeled and juliened
2 T fine dried shrimp
1 bunch Taiwanese lettuce, washed and cut into 3-inches length
1/2 cup mint or basil leaves
1 t fried shallot
Vegetable oil, salt and pepper
15 6-inches rice papers

Soak dried shrimp in a bowl with water.
Make a thin omelet then cut into thin strips.
Drain shrimp, save the liquid for later use in dipping sauce. Saute shrimp with some oil, sugar and pepper. Set aside.
Saute jicama over high heat until almost cooked but not soften. Add fried shallot and sprinkle with some pepper. Drain excess liquid if there's any. Save for later use in dipping sauce.
Use method #2 to prepare wrapping paper ahead.
When you are ready to roll, put jicama back on low heat to cook and keep it warm. This roll should be served while jicama still warm.

Arrange your wrapping with lettuce, mint, jicama on top. Roll up paper halfway into cylinder then add yellow egg strips, red sausage strips and a row of orange shrimps. Fold sides of paper inward and continue to roll paper into cylinder.

Serve with bean dipping sauce.

Note: Don't cut the tips of the roll like I did in the picture. I have bad habit to cut off the extra wrapping :) This will allow the oily juice from the roll to drip out.


Anonymous said...

Hết nghén rồi há cô Ba ? hì hì

Smoth Maria said...

Very good.