Saturday, March 26, 2005

Xôi Trứng Kiến (Ant Eggs)

Ant Eggs with Sticky Rice

2 cups sticky rice, soacked in cold water for 8hrs or more
1 cup ant eggs
3 shallots, thinly sliced
1 T. vegetable oil, or butter
salt and pepper to taste

Fill the pot with about 2 inches of water, place the conical steamer basket in the pot, and put the rice in the basket, sprinkle with salt. Over high heat, bring water to boil. Make sure the water doesn't run dry. Cook for 30 minutes.
Soak ant eggs lightly in warm water to clean out all the ants. drained.
Place a pan over medium heat, add butter (or oil), add shallot and stir evenly until it turns light yellow. Add ant eggs, stir lightly and well until cook, about 3-5 mins. Set aside.
Place sticky rice in a dish, top with ant eggs.


anchorp said...

Có thật là chị ăn trứng kiến không? Nó thế nào chị nhỉ? Sao bên VN em không biết món này chị à?

kiki said...

Chi. sang La`o bi. nhu+~ng ng` hie^'u kha'ch e'p a(n. Tha^.t ti`nh thi` trong ca'c mo'n co^n tru`ng chi. chi? da'm thu+? ca`o ca`o rang va` con nho^.ng. A(n ma` so+. qua' ne^n vi. gia'c te^n lie^.t, kho^ng thu+o+?ng thu+'c ddu+o+.c gi`. Chi? nho+' ca`o ca`o kho^ kho^ng kho^'c a(n nhu+ a(n ba~ co`n nho^.ng thi` beo be'o do+.n do+.n. Tru+'ng kie^'n thi` chi. chi? nhi`n kho^ng da'm thu+?. O+? VN cu~ng co' a(n co^n tru`ng ddo' em, nghe no'i ba^y gio+` 1 so^' nha` ha`ng co' dda(.c sa?n co^n tru`ng. Co`n kho^ng thi` ve^` ca'c vu`ng que^. Sang La`o va` Campuchia thi` dda^`y ddu+o+`ng. O+? My~ cu~ng co' the^? ti`m ddu+o+.c ddo^` ho^.p co^n tru`ng nha^.p ca?ng tu+` Nha^.t hoa(.c Me^~ Ta^y Co+, thi` ra cu~ng co' nh` da^n to^.c a(n co^n tru`ng. Chi. ke^? ro^`i, ddu+`ng o^m co^? oe. nha' :)