Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Bún (sợi nhỏ) - Rice vermicelli (fine)

Bún (sợi lớn) - Rice vermicelli

Bánh Canh (Tapioca Strip)

Bánh phở - Rice stick

Bánh phở (trung) - Rice stick (medium)

Bánh phở (lớn) - Rice stick (large)

Bánh phở tươi - Fresh Rice stick

Miến - Bean Thread, Cellophane noodle

Mì - Egg Noodle

Mì (sợi lớn) - Egg Noodle (large)


Kirk said...

Hi Kiki - I love the primer on types of noodles; it's so informative.

kiki said...

Hello Kirk,
I'm glad you like it. I will list the dishes to each type of noodles and also link to recipes soon.

joy said...

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Silvia Jacinto said...

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