Monday, January 30, 2006

Cá Thác Lác Nấu Cà

Fish Ball and Tomato Soup

1/2 lb fish paste
1 cup dill, cut into 2-inches length
2 tomatoes
1 shallot, minced
2 stalks green onion
2 T vegetable oil
4 cups water
fish sauce, salt, sugar, pepper to taste

Season fish paste with salt, pepper, sugar, fish sauce and crushed green onion heads. Mix well until the mixture is smooth. Pluck a small piece of the paste and form the mixtures into balls or any shape, smooth with oil.

Fry the fish balls until golden brown.

Add 1 T vegetable oil in a medium pot, heat oil until bubbling hot over medium high flame. Add shallot and stir fry until fragrant. Add tomatoes, continue stir frying until nice and soft. Fill with water and bring to boil. Add fried fish balls and cook for 5 minutes, skim off any foam. Add fish sauce, salt, sugar and pepper to taste. Add dill and green onion (optional) then served.


Anonymous said...

Ewwww! Fish, again?

kiki said...

Mr. Cup O'Noodle, fish is good for you. Try it today, I'll make you "Co+m ta'm gio` cha?" sometimes this week, ok ? :)