Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Chè Nhãn Nhục

Dried Longan Drink

a palmful of dried longan
4-5 cups water
Rock sugar

Rinse dried longan over water. Put into a pot, fill water in. Bring to a boil over high heat. Add rock sugar to taste. Lower heat and simmer for 5-10 more minutes. Serve hot or cold.


bo`n said...

oh be^n be^?n tro+`i no'ng em ba`y chi. la`m n'c ma't kie^?u dda.i ha`n - chi. ddun co+~ 3,4 lon nu+o+'c, tha? 1,2 lo'ng que^' da`i da`i VN/ta`u (vo? da`y ho+n vo? que^' my~), 1 lo'ng gu+`ng bu+. bu+. xa('t tha`nh la't, ro^`i ddu+o+`ng phe`n tha? cho ddo^. ngo.t nhu+ na^'u che`. Chi. ddun lu+?a nho? co+~ nu+?a tie^'ng, ta('t be^'p dde^? nguo^.i. Sau ddo' bo? tu? la.nh, lu'c uo^'ng thi` bo? dda' nhie^`u nhie^`u, tha? 2,3 ha.t pine nuts vo^ co^.ng the^m 1 tra'i ta'o ta`u kho^ xa('t la`m 3,4 la't. Ne^'u co' ho^`ng kho^ thi` xa('t la't ho^`ng kho^ tha?y va`o luo^n. Uo^'ng n'c na`y trong tro+`i no'ng tho^? huye^'t tha^'y tha^'m thi'a gio^'ng nhu+ uo^'ng n'c mi'a va^.y ddo' . Chi. coi link ho. chi? 1 ca'ch so+ so+, ca'ch cu?a em cu~ng authentic ma` kho^ng chu+'ng minh ddu+O+.c heh heh

kiki said...

DDe^? chi. thu+?, nhi`n tha^'y co' ve? tho+m ho+n tra` chanh gu+`ng ma` me. chi. hay la`m. Ca'i na`y co' que^'.