Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gà Ram Gừng

Caramel Ginger Chicken

6 chicken thigh fillets, cut into pieces
1 T ginger, julienned
1 T sugar for caramel
1 clove garlic, minced
2 shallot, minced
1/2 T vegetable oil
fish sauce, sugar, pepper to taste

Marinate (if you do it in advance) or mix (if you don't have time) chicken with garlic, shallot, ginger, 2 T fish sauce, black ground pepper, (1 T white wine optional).
In a pan, heat 1 T sugar over medium heat until it turns just light brown. Remove pan off the heat and watch until the caramel turns golden brown, quickly add marinated chicken in, mix well to coat the color evenly. Put back into the heat, add oil and saute the chicken for 5 minutes. Bring heat down to medium low, cook until liquid is reduced (about 15 minutes). Add more fish sauce and sugar(1 T) to taste.


bo`n said...

ddang ti'nh vo^ re'o "chie^`u nay a(n gi` chi. o+i" thi` dda~ tha^'y binh li'nh dda^`y ddu? heh heh... ddang la`m hu? tie^'u Tha'i a(n cho a^'m a'p co~i lo`ng chie^`u nay...

kiki said...

Haha ...chi. bie^'t tru+o+'c ne^n tha? li'nh vo^ tru+o+'c khi a(n to^'i. Hu? ti'u Tha'i chua chua ... a'i cha` ngon, ca'i nu+o+'c em na^'u ho^m bu+~a ngon ho+n o+? tu.i Brodard du+o+'i OC na^'u ddo'. Ho^m chi. xuo^'ng ddo' order xong a(n kho^ng no^?i.e.c.

Anonymous said...

Cô3 ơi, nhìn món này ngon quá .. phải làm thử . Từ khi cô 3 có chồng, bếp ấm quá hihi

kiki said...

Ga.o :)

bo`n said...

tro+`i o+i em tu+o+?ng chi. no'i "a(n o+? nha` ha`ng 5 sao tuy ngon nhu+ng kho^ng dda^.m dda` nhu+ em na^'u hoa(.c tri`nh ba`y kho^ng khe'o nhu+ em la`m v.v." thi` em co`n bie^'t ddu+o+`ng em da., cho+' chi. so mo'n em na^'u vo+'i mo'n ddu't kho^ng vo^ mo^`m, nuo^'t kho^ng tro^i xuo^'ng thi` la`m sao ma` em bie^'t ddu+o+`ng ca'm o+n dda^y ??

kiki said...

No, ta.i chi. kho^ng ke^? dda^`u dduo^i. Nga`y xu+a, la^`n dda^`u chi. a(n hu? ti'u Tha'i o+? ddo'. Hi`nh nhu+ 2001 hay sao ddo'. Chi. nho+' la` no' ngon ghe^ la('m. Vi` chi. a(n to^ + 1 mo+' nem rolls nu+~a. Ky` ddo' chi. tha('ng tha(`ng ba.n cha^`u ca' ddo^. ma`. Cu~ng qua'n ddo' to^ ddo' ma` ho^m ... ddo' a(n kho^ng no^?i vi` picky nhi`n hu? ti'u kho^ (no't ba'nh flat noodles, ro^`i gi` gi` nu+~a chi. que^n ro^`i ...hi`nh nhu+ ho. bo? tu`m lum vo^ nu+~a. Ng` ta no'i ddo' .... lu'c chu+a tha^'y ca'i dde.p thi` dda^u bie^'t ca'i xa^'u :)) Khen hay va^.y ma` co`n no'i!!!

bo`n said...

heh heh, no'i ra he^'t va^.y nghe co' pha?i la` ma't nhu+ uo^'ng nu+o+'c mi'a mu`a he` kho^ng na` :D a` ne^'u chi. ba`y na^'u thi` em chi? chi., chi. dde^? gia`nh ma^'y ca'i cu`i ba('p ne^'u co' ba`o ba('p ra xa`o hay na^'u gi` ddo', qua(ng he^'t vo^ freezer dde^'n khi na^'u n'c hu? ti'u gi` ddo' tha?y he^'t vo^ ninh chung vo+'i xu+o+ng, nu+o+'c ngo.t dda^.m dda` la('m. Also ne^'u chi. la`m o+'t sa te^' thi` ha~y... qua(ng vo^ 1,2 muo^~ng rie^u to^m... ba?o dda?m tho+m ngon dda^.m dda` nguye^n cha^'t pho^? bie^'n ro^.ng ra~i.

Tho^i dde^? ddi ddo.c la.i comment khen tie^'p 8->

a` ma` cho^~ THe BOAT du+o+'i L.A. em ve^` a(n cu~ng tha^'y 0 ngon ba(`ng mi`nh na^'u nu+~a, ma(.c du` bao na(m ddi xa em luo^n mo+ ve^` to^ tom yum noodles cu?a nha` ha`ng na`y. Em nghi~ la` mi`nh he^n xui may ru?i, ma^'y ba` na^'u sau na`y kho^ng the`m ne^'m hoa(.c keo kie^.t substitute tu`m lum ne^n no' ra do+? chu+' ho^`i xu+a ca'i ngon cu?a no' mi`nh pha^n ti'ch ro~ ra`ng ddem ve^` ba('t tru+o+'c cho+' bo^. ...