Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Mắm Nêm

Anchovy Pineapple Sauce

1 small can crushed pineapple
3 T anchovy sauce
2 T fish sauce
5 T water
3 T vinegar
4 T sugar
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 red hot chili pepper, minced

Strain anchovy sauce, pressing the solids to extract all the liquid. Discard the solids.
Combine anchovy sauce, fish sauce, water, vinegar, sugar into a sauce pan and bring to boil. Cool off. Add crushed pineapple and put in a blender to blend to a semi-smooth yellow brown sauce. Add garlic and hot chili pepper in.


tl said...

mắm nêm mà nấu lên vầy ...nó có bốc mùi lắm không kiki? Không nấu lên với nấu lên kết quả khác nhau thế nào hả kiki?

kiki said...

1) Co' bo^'c mu`i chu+' nhu+ng cu~ng kho^ng la('m vi` mu`i da^'m cu~ng kha' ma.nh. So+. thi` na^'u da^'m, nu+o+'c, ddu+o+`ng cho so^i ro^`i ha~y cho nu+o+'c ma('m, ma('m ne^m va`o.
2) Na^'u vs kho^ng na^'u:
Ca'i na`y cu~ng tu`y taste bud ha. Nhu+ bo^' mi`nh Ba('c Ky` chi'nh co^'ng thi` chi? thi'ch mu`i nu+o+'c ma('m tuye^`n (nu+o+'c ma('m so^'ng kho^ ra gi` he^'t). A(n ba'nh cuo^'n cu~ng cha^'m nu+o+'c ma('m tuye^`n va('t ti' chanh, ti' ca` cuo^'ng. Mi`nh so^'ng o+? mie^`n Nam a(n kie^?u ddo' kho^ng no^?i. Mi`nh chi? thi'ch nu+o+'c ma('m pha chua chua ngo.t ngo.t. Ma` theo kinh nghie^.m ba?n tha^n ta^'t ca? ca'c loa.i nu+o+'c cha^'m chuc chua ngo.t ngo.t tu+` nu+o+'c ma('m, tu+o+ng hay gi` cu~ng va^.y. He^~ co' ddu+o+`ng la` hoa(.c na^'u hoa(.c dde^? ddu+o+`ng cha?y qua dde^m a(n no' mo+'i ghie^`n. Thu+? ddi TL'll see the difference.

kiki said...

U?a sao type gi` ky` va^.y "nu+o+'c ma('m so^'ng kho^ ra gi` he^'t" = "nu+o+'c ma('m so^'ng kho^ng pha gi` he^'t".

A`, no'i the^m, tu+` nga`y BS ddu+o+`ng ruo^.t khuye^n mi`nh kho^ng ne^n a(n nhie^`u ca'c thu+'c a(n le^n men thi` mi`nh tha^'y na^'u le^n no' cho mi`nh ca?m gia'c an toa`n ho+n.

tl said...

se~ thu+? na^'u nu+o+'c ma('m... xong tha('p ba ca^y nhang :-)

Ba tl cu~ng va^.y ddo', mo'n na`o cu~ng chi? thi'ch nu+o+'c ma('m so^'ng tho^i.